Domain of the APHRODITE products. We defined three domains, Monsoon Asia (MA), Middle East (ME) and Russia (RU) and combined product (APHRO_PR) are available. We also released Japan area product APHRO_JP. Red, green and blue dots show stations corresponding to original rain-gauge data individually collected from local organizations, derived from precompiled datasets, and derived from global telecommunication system reports, respectively.

Release of the APHRODITE-2 products

  • APHRO_JP V1207 Japan Area, updated version (JST/UTC) (Kamiguchi et al., 2010)
    • APHRO_JP V1801 Japan Area Daily adjusted precipitation (Masuda et al., 2019) new
      • APHRO_MA V1801_R1 Monsoon Asia Area Daily precipitation (New algorithm)
        • APHRO_MA V1101EX_R1 Monsoon Asia Daily precipitation (Yatagai et al., 2012)
          • APHRO_MA V1808 Temperature
            • APHRO_MA V1808 Temperature Climatology
              • APHRO_MA V1901 EOD adjusted Daily precipitation and its climatology
                • >> Download from here.

                  Release of the APHRODITE-1 products

                • V1101(1951-2007)[Readme]
                  • V1101_R2 [Readme]
                    • V1207_TEMP[Readme]
                      • >> Download from here.

                        Please inform us (aphrodite.precinfo(at) of downloading old datasets.

                        Data Sources

                        • Data sources for APHRODITE-1
                        • Data sources for APHRODITE-2
                          • [Organizations]
                            • ・Nepal: Department of Hydrology and Meteorology
                                • [Individuals]
                                  • ・Prof. Nawada (kyoto University)