International workshop
on snow cover changes and its modeling over Northern Eurasia


 Water resource changes over the mountains due to global warming are one of the world’s greatest concerns. However accurate snow observation and developing precise solid precipitation data are challenging tasks. Hirosaki is located in the world’s heaviest snowfall area in northern part of Japan, and Hirosaki University made a long-term snow observation and local meteorological research according to snow distribution. Further, we lead APHRODITE-2 project to develop a daily precipitation data which can be used for extreme event analyses. Now we start APHRODITE-3 to develop and refine algorithm for snowy precipitation in northern Eurasia. Hence, we would like to have an international workshop titled "International workshop on snow cover changes and its modeling over Northern Eurasia" on 19-21 February, 2020. Before this scientific workshop by inviting some established researchers, we would like to have a capacity building type workshop to teach our APHRODITE grid precipitation method. Although we fixed supported participants for this training workshop (14-21 February), everybody is welcome to join if you will bring your original precipitation data.

 Main target area: Northern Eurasia, Asian high mountains

 Main discussion topic for the "International workshop on snow cover changes and its modeling over Northern Eurasia":
  - International collaboration for data sharing
  - Systematic biases in the grid precipitation datasets and their correction methods
  - Analyses of snow cover/mass changes over the Eurasian continent
  - Future change of snow cover and its impact to local environments

  19-21 February, 2020 (International workshop)
  14-21 February, 2020 (Training workshop supported by Sakura Science)

Hirosaki University

Workshop Schedule:
 Click here.

 15January: send title of your presentation (to
       send original data if you join the training workshop (see below)
 31January: send abstract of your presentation (to

 Dr.Pavel Groisman (National Centers for Environment Information/NEFI-NEESPI Project Scientist)
 Dr.Sergey Sokratov (Lomonosov Moscow State University)

 We have already chosen the successful candidates who get our financial support to attend the workshop, and now it is closed. However, you are very welcome to attend the workshop with your own support. We also welcome those who can handle linux shell script.

1.If you are interested in joining International Workshop on 19-21 February, please advise that you are required to submit your abstract (including your name and a title) by 31 January, 2020.
2.If you are interested in joining Training Workshop on 14-21 February, please advise that you are required to contribute original station daily precipitation data* of your country/target domain to participate the workshop. Data must be submitted by 31 December, 2019.

*If you would like to learn rain/snow judge (Yasutomi et al., 2011), bring daily mean temperature data (or daily max/min temperature).
*If you are interested in wind correction (Masuda et al., 2019), bring hourly/daily wind speed data.