APHRODITE-2 Sakura Science Workshop in Hirosaki

 To make APHRODITE precipitation grid data and Evaluate extreme precipitaion This program aims to learn how to create Asian Precipitation -- HighlyResolved Observation DataIntegration Towards Evaluation of waterresources (APHRODITE) product. It is world's known accurate daily gridprecipitaion data, and currently more than 5,000 users in the world areoperating it. Now, APHRODITE project second phase (APHRODITE-2) is ongoing to represent precipitation extreme events, since present(reseased) gathers young staffs/students who have already handledAPHRODITE data and would like to make APHRODITE data by themselves. Inaddition, we teach the most updated scheme to represent extremeprecipitation to the participants. Based on this improvement, users canuse APHRODITE new products for evaluating satellite estimates and forimproving meteological forecasts. Participants can communicate withyoung staffs/students at Hirosaki University.

  22-29 August, 2018

Hirosaki University

 It is a very good opportunity to learn the APHRODITE-2 products that will be released soon. Anybody is welcome to attend the workshop as far as you can come of your own funding, and is seriously interested in APHRODITE-2 workshop. If he/she is able to provide daily or sub-daily precipitation and/or temperature data of his/her country, he/she is more than welcome and we will appreciate his/her contribution. If you have an interest, please e-mail us at aphrodite.secretary"at"gmail.com by 15 August 2018.