International workshop on evaluating precipitation extremes

and their relation to disasters




(Date)  7-8 March, 2017

(Place)  TKP conference room in Shijyo Karasum (room #2)   downtown Kyoto

Photo [day1]


7 March 

9:30   Greetings

9:45 – 11:05  Session 1: Legacy of APHRODITE-1

What we have done throughout APHRODITE project 2006-2011

Akiyo YATAGAI (Hirosaki University)



Validating satellite estimate rainfall over Iran


Abstract ppt


APHRODITE temperature products and its climatology

Natsuko YASUTOMI (Disaster Prevention Research Institute/Kyoto University)

Abstract ppt


Changes of atmospheric precipitable water in observations and reanalysis over China

Tianbao ZHAO (Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China)

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The Vietnam Gridded Precipitation (VnGP) Dataset: Construction and Validation

Thanh Ngo-Duc (Department of Space and Aeronautics,University of Science and Technology of Hanoi)




11:15 – 11:55 Session 2: New approach of APHRODITE-2

What we are going to do in APHRODITE-2

Akiyo YATAGAI (Hirosaki University), Shigenobu TANAKA (Kyoto University) and Atsushi HIGUCHI (Chiba University)



Utilize geostationary meteorological satellites for the improvements of time resolution of

gauge-based precipitation product Its overview

Atsushi HIGUCHI (CEReS/Chiba University)

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11:55-13:30  Lunch Break


13:30-14:30  Session 2 (continued): New approach of APHRODITE-2

Utilize geostationary meteorological satellites for the improvements of time resolution of gauge-based precipitation product: Comparison between rain gauge and satellite data

Kouichi TOYOSHIMA (CEReS/Chiba University)

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Review of various statistical merging approaches for high-resolution satellite and gauge precipitation data sets

Sunil KUMAR (Hirosaki University)



Global estimation of the diurnal cycle of precipitation with geostationary meteorological satellites

Hitoshi HIROSE (Kyoto University)

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14:30-15.40 Session 3: Feedback from the users & Introduction of the posters

Evaluation of APHRODITEfs precipitation over the central Himalaya, Nepal

Indira KADEL (Tohoku University)

Abstract ppt


A decadal signal of rainfall variations over Northeast Tohoku region and its apparent connection to the North Atlantic Oscillation

S. N Hameed, P. Oettli and T. Yamagata (University of Aizu)

Abstract ppt ppt2


Recent advances in environmental monitoring using commercial microwave links

Pinhas ALPERT (Department of Geosciences, Tel-Aviv University, Israel)



Brief introduction of posters


Minami MASUDA/Naho SUETOU/Yutaka KUROSAKI (Hirosaki University)


15:40-16:20 Poster Session/Coffee Break

Elevation Dependency of Summertime Precipitation and its Change by Global Warming over the Tibetan Plateau and the Surroundings Simulated by a 60-km-mesh Atmospheric General Circulation Model

Osamu ARAKAWA (University of Tsukuba/Meteorological Research Institute, JMA)



Sectoral Impacts of Climate Extremes: The Expert Team on Sector-sprecific Climate Indices (ET-SCI)

Lisa V ALEXANDER, Tosiyuki NAKAEGAWA, Fatima Zohra El Guelai, Adam KALKSTEIN, Gé VERVER, Amelia Diaz Pablo, Nicholas HEROLD, Rodney MARTINEZ, Andrew TAIT, Rupa KUMAR Kolli, Anahit HOVESPYAN


Development of ClimPACT2 –Software for calculation indices of climate extreames

Nicholas Herold and Lisa V Alexander et al.


Using APHRODITE for improving operational extreme precipitation monitoring around the world

Hirotaka SATO (JMA), K. Kamiguchi, Y. Mochizuki, and A. Yatagai



Daily adjustment for the wind-induced precipitation undercatch of daily gridded precipitation in Japan

 Minami MASUDA (Hrosaki University), Akiyo YATAGAI, Kenji KAMIGUCHI, Kenji TANAKA



The Effect of Atmospheric Rivers on Japanese Heavy Precipitation

 Naho SUETO (Hirosaki University), Akiyo YATAGAI, Yukari TAKAYABU



An analysis of the atmospheric circulation around the Tibetan Plateau revealed by the stable isotope in precipitation—A case study of GEWEX-GAME/Tibet in 1998

Yutaka KUROSAKI (Hirosaki University), Akiyo YATAGAI, Atsuko SUGIMOTO



Application of the high-resolution APHRODITE precipitation product to rainfall-triggered fatal landslide occurrence in Nepal

Akiyo YATAGAI, Chiaki ANDO, Ryutaro SUZUKI, Minami MASUDA, David PETLEY, Melanie J FROUDE, Masahiro CHIGIRA

Abstract ppt


Characterization of Monthly Precipitation over Indochina Region to Evaluate CMIP5's Historical Run

Rattana CHHIN (Department of Geophysics, Kyoto University), Hoang-Hai BUI, Shigeo YODEN



APHRODITE: Constructing a Long-term Daily Gridded Precipitation Dataset for Asia Based on a Dense Network of Rain Gauges

Akiyo YATAGAI (Hirosaki University)




16:20-17:40  Session 4: Extreme analysis & Models

Rainfall extremes associated with tropical cyclones

Akio KITOH (University of Tsukuba)

Abstract ppt


Contributions of different bias-correction methods and reference meteorological forcing data sets to the uncertainty in the projected temperature and precipitation extremes

Toshichika IZUMI (Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO))

Abstract ppt


Comparison of new APHRO_JP products with radar analysis precipitation (RAP)

Kenji TANAKA (DPRI, Kyoto University)

Abstract ppt


Sector-specific Climate Indices bride a gap between potential users and climate information providers
Toshiyuki NAKAEGWA (MRI/JMA), Lisa V ALEXANDER, and Nicholas HEROLD



18:30  Reception/Banquet


8 March

9:00 – 9:40 Session 5: Improvement of forecasts and monsoon system studies

APHRODITE rainfall: A benchmark dataset for multimodel seasonal forecasts

Vinay KUMAR (Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi)

Abstract ppt


Challenges in Rainfall Observations & Predictions over the Mid-East

Pinhas ALPERT (Tel-Aviv University)

Abstract ppt


9:40-10:00  Coffee Break


10:00 – 12:00 Session 6: Wrap-Up & Comments from advisors@[advisory board]

New products and release plan 

Akiyo YATAGAI & Sachinobu ISHIDA (Hirosaki University)  


Summary of presentation and user requirements

Yoshimitsu MASAKI (Hirosaki University)


Free Discussion

Comments from advisors




12:00 – 13:00   Discussion of executive members (in Japanese)

   Yatagai, K. Tanaka, Yasutomi, Higuchi, Toyoshima, Arakawa, Maeda, Masuda, Suetou 




Contact : aphrodite.precinfo(at)gmail.com